Your portfolio navigator

Dynamically interact with your portfolio, track price history, and export data.

Charts visualization

Unleash the full potential of your token portfolio with our cutting-edge Charts Visualization feature. This powerhouse allows you to handpick and display captivating, dynamic charts for every token in your possession. Marvel at the intricate patterns and trends, all while immersing yourself in the captivating journey of each token's USD price history. Gain a profound understanding of your investments like never before, and make decisions with unprecedented clarity.

Transactions filters

Elevate your wallet management with our state-of-the-art Transaction Filters. This dynamic tool empowers you to sift through your financial history with unmatched precision. Filter transactions by token, value, and date, giving you the ability to fine-tune your financial landscape according to your exact specifications. Whether you're seeking specific insights or conducting a comprehensive audit, these filters are your ultimate companion in achieving financial mastery.

Price history

Step into a realm where time bends to your curiosity. Our Price History feature allows you to traverse through the annals of your financial journey. Witness the USD value of your transactions precisely at the moment they unfolded. This is not just a view into the past; it's a dynamic, interactive experience that grants you unprecedented insights into the evolution of your investments. Armed with this knowledge, you'll chart a course towards even greater financial success.

Data export

In order to enhance data portability and facilitate seamless analysis, you can effortlessly export transaction data into both CSV (Comma Separated Values) and XLSX (Microsoft Excel) formats, all while adhering to the filter criteria currently in effect. Whether you require a structured spreadsheet for in-depth examination or a versatile CSV file for integration with other systems, this export functionality empowers you to extract and utilize your data with utmost efficiency and precision.

NFT showcase

Experience the enchantment of your NFT collection in an entirely new dimension with our Immersive NFT Showcase. Here, your prized possessions come to life in a breathtaking visual feast. Each NFT is presented in a carefully curated, dedicated gallery space, allowing you to bask in the artistry and significance of each piece. Dive deep into the stories behind your NFTs and share them with the world in a manner that befits their extraordinary nature. This is not just a gallery; it's a testament to your unique appreciation of the digital arts.